Equine Wine Cups

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Treat yourself to one of our epic Stainless Steel Wine Cups.  Perfect for at Shows while chilling at the float/truck, doing the 'wandering around catchup' with friends or just have a set at home.  They are all Stainless Steel (some just have a coating on top) and won't break if dropped and they also have a push-on lid so you won't spill all of the precious contents.  The lid does however have a small hole in it for sipping (or for a straw if that takes your fancy).

These Wine Cups take a decent 350ml, perfect for every horse person!

Available in White, Black or plain Stainless Steel.

Just $25.95 each 

(If you want to change the wording on any of the Wine Cups, or have a completely new one you would like just contact us to discuss your requirements.)

Cheers Horse Bitches
Wine Cups - Cheers Horse Bitches and picture.jpeg
Welcome to the Shitshow
Hope you brought Alcohol
Wine Cups - Shitshow and picture.jpeg
Epic Riders Mantra
Ride Wine Sleep Repeat
Wine Cups - Epic Riders Mantra and picture.jpeg
Horse Show..... (Mum/Dad/Husband)
Holds the horse and hands over the money
As drunk as my Unicorn
Back the F*** Up Sprinkle Tits
and give me more wine
Wine Cups - Horse Show and picture.jpeg
Wine Cups - Drunk as my unicorn and picture.jpeg
Wine Cups - Back the F up and picture.jpeg