Unicorn Night Light

Our beautiful golden Unicorn Night Lights are sure to delight any youngster (and perhaps some older ones too!)

With glittery golden wings and horn, this gorgeous LED light lets off a soft gentle glow at night. 


You also have the option of having it personalised.  You just let us know the name you want on the light (it can be the childs name, their ponies name or whatever you like) and the colour for the name, its all your choice.

Easy to use and uses a USB plug. 

The high quality LED has low power consumption and is safe to touch.

Only $27.95 each

Glam up their room with a bit of Unicorn sparkle!

Two Options available:

White base with only Gentle White glow

Black base with different colour options for glow

Colour choices for name:
DIY Aqua Gloss
DIY Gold Gloss
DIY Light Purple Gloss
DIY Black Shimmer
DIY White Gloss
DIY Deep Red Gloss
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Unicorn light lit.jpeg
Unicorn light daytime.jpeg