Swing-Up Saddle Holders

This is a game changer!  Our Saddle holder can be used virtually anywhere that has a solid wall behind it.  Get your saddle up off the ground or out of the boot of your car at shows, perfect for use in tack rooms...the list is endless!

It's adjustable so you can fit it to either small kids saddles or larger adult saddles.  

Want it lower down for kids to reach?  Easy, just put it on a longer bit of twine.

With this saddle holder you just need an anchor point and a 'wall' behind.  Watch the video on this page to see just how easy yet effective this is.

It's light weight and takes up hardly any room when not in use.

Priced at only $39.90 

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Swing-Up Saddle Holder Black and Mauve
Swing Up Blue.jpeg
Swing-Up Saddle Holder Light Pink

Whose Treats accept no responsibility for the incorrect use of the Swing-Up Saddle Holder