Stretch Cards

Want to know how to correctly stretch your horse but not sure where to start?  These Stretch Cards have been developed by Tash Alexander, who is a fully qualified Equine and Human Bowen Therapist based in Auckland.  The work she does is all based on muscle and soft tissue and her main focus is injury prevention and rehabilitation.

These Stretch Cards are laminated to last, easy to hang up in your stables or where you want them to have on hand and very informative.  They show a photo on the front of what the stretch looks like, and on the reverse of each card is a detailed description on how to do that stretch, and what it achieves.

There are 9 cards in total.  A great way to bond with your horse or pony whilst also helping them. Great for kids to learn with too.  Treat your horse to a delightful session of stretching......they will love you for it!

Only $24.95 each

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* For any Auckland people interested in booking Tash Alexander she can be contacted via her website