Shampoo Gun

These Shampoo Guns are EPIC!  


Just fill up the 100ml dispenser tube with horse shampoo, attach the gun to your hose and away you go!

With 8 nozzle settings there is always the perfect one for getting rid of the dirt and filth on your pony.  These Shampoo Guns are actually quite powerful little buggers.....

The shampoo/soap dispenser has a twist dial on the top so you can use as much or as little as you want, and it can also be turned to just be water only (great for just wetting or rinsing off). You can even click the trigger so it stays on for you so there is no need to keep holding it down.

These are game changers for washing your horse, so why wouldn't you grab one today, and make that 'bath session' into an enjoyable and much easier time.  There are even some lollies in the eco-friendly bag it comes in for you to enjoy while washing away....

Available for only $25.95 each 

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