Seed Sandwiches.......
helping our Bees, Butterflies and Lady Bugs!
Our Seed Sandwiches will revolutionise your way of planting flowers!  Our unique 'Seed Sandwiches' have two discs with seeds enclosed in special pockets in the middle of them.  The seeds don't come in contact with any moisture until they are wet in the garden so no chance of early germination, and the top disc protects them from the heat of the sun until ready to go.
Either place, plant or throw these gorgeous 'Seed Sandwiches' in your plant pots, garden or vegetable garden (whichever is more suited) and watch the magic happen. The rain will wet the special discs and germinate the seeds within.  You can also accelerate the germination stage by regularly watering them.  They are available in five special blends....
Beautifully packaged in eco-friendly boxes they make a perfect and unique gift for people of all ages.....
Only $17.50 a box
Now a crazy $8.75 until all gone, that's 50% off!!!!!
Salad Blend
Horse Blend
Seed Sandwich Edible Flowers.jpeg
Edible Flowers
Tips for growing:
* these are best to sow when there is moisture in the ground. Other times are fine as long as they can be watered regularly throughout the germination and early    plant development period.  
* germination period is between 7-21 days and they should be kept evenly moist during this time if possible
* The time from sowing to flowering takes between 12-14 weeks so you will need to be patient, but its worth it.
* Wildflowers will generally self seed at seasons end.
* Some of the seeds may lay dormant during the colder months but just be patient as they should germinate once Spring arrives again.

There is no guarantee that every single seed in the Seed Sandwiches will grow.