Hoofa-Loofa Range

Hoofa-Loofa Range


Have a bit of fun while washing your horse or pony (or even your dog).....our Whose Treats Hoofa-Loofas are just what you need. 

Gorgeous scented soaps set into a scrubbing Loofa and include a rope handle so no more dropping your soap on the floor and getting it dirty  When you're done just hang it up to dry until the next bath day.  

Just wet your horse, use the soap side to sud them up and then flip it over and scrub them with the loofah side....hence the Hoofa-Loofa name! (watch the video to show how)

Easy to use, smell divine and leave you horse and ponies coats with an amazing shine.  And even when the soap has run out the Loofah can still be used to scrub for future baths.

Just pick your choice of scented Loofa and get washing.

They come in an Eco-friendly bag and make a great gift for the horse person who has everything.......or think they do!