Equine Posture Aid (E.P.A)

Do you have a tendency to tip forward, or hunch over when riding?  Do you find you don't sit on your 'seat' as you should? Our E.P.A (Equine Posture Aid) could be your solution.

The E.P.A helps push your shoulders back and align your spine, which in turn makes you sit up tall and straight and on your 'seat'.  It reminds you of where your upright position is without forcing it.  This can also then help you achieve the correct line of ear, elbow, hip and heel. 

The E.P.A is ultra comfortable and highly adjustable. It is slimline and discreet enough to be worn under clothing and jackets. No distraction of straps around your stomach, just the reminder needed to keep your shoulders back and your spine tall.

Our E.P.A is made of lightweight, durable and breathable material and is also machine washable.

It is also perfect to wear at your desk, while driving and any other activities that you feel you could benefit from wearing it. Just remember though that it is a training aid, not a 'take-one-day' fix.

Sit up straight, sit up tall and sit up proud.  Your E.P.A comes with easy instructions and in an eco-friendly bag.


The differences the E.P.A can make are astounding so try one today.

Two sizes available:  Small (chest size 68-92cm) Large (chest size 93-120cm). Please check your size before ordering.

Try one today for only $49.95

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