DIY (Design It Yourself) Travel Mug

Our DIY Travel Mugs are very unique and the choices are all yours!


This Stainless Steel Travel Mug takes 450ml and is double walled.  It has a secure push on lid with a splashproof sliding closure and a wide soft-touch silicone band


Follow the steps for choosing fonts, pictures and colour and then leave it to us to make for you!  A unique Travel Mug designed and personalised by yourself for either yourself, a friend or as a gift (also includes a Gift Box).  Just click the blue button directly below and get designing.....

Priced at only $32.95 each
Or if you would prefer to design a DIY Drink Bottle just click 
Fonts Available (all names are made in black):

15 Pictures available.  If you want a picture of anything else (not just horse themed) just enquire, we are very flexible and can find most things.

Girl and her pony
Horse Mandala
Horse Heartbeat
Pony Love
Geometric Horse
Standing Beauty
Galloping Horse
Pony & Carrot
Rearing Unicorn

Colours available for  your picture to be made from.....some are glossy, some shimmery ....others matte!

Pink Shimmer  

Silver Shimmer

Deep Red Gloss

Aqua  Gloss

Gold Gloss

White Gloss

Blue Shimmer

Black Shimmer

Coral Matte

Light Purple Gloss

We can also look at doing logos, Club promo's etc.....just contact us at for more info and to discuss further.