DIY Diamond Treats

'Flavour YOU can see....flavour THEY can taste!'

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We offer you our DIY Diamond Treat package.  Make your own freshly baked and delicious Molasses Diamond Treats for your horse, dog or any other pet or animal for that matter.    

Our DIY kit comes with a compostable bag containing all the pre-mixed dry ingredients and a jar of molasses, and of course the eco-friendly box to put your treats in once made.  There is enough to make approximately 450gms of deliciousness.  


The instructions are on the back of the box and all you need to supply is 1/2 cup of oil and water as directed.  


Have some fun in the kitchen!  Make them any shape you want, add any special toppings you want and enjoy watching your animals love the freshly baked, yummy treats you have lovingly made for them!  No more hard, crusty and old treats mass produced and sold in plastic packaging, not only will they love the freshness but you are also helping our planet by being eco-friendly.


Perfect to buy as gifts for those animal loving kids (or adults for that matter)........You can't get any fresher than this!

Available in Mint, Rosemary or Garlic

Only $16.95 

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(The original baked Diamonds are available through The Horsewear House Ltd rebranded as HWH Diamonds, same great ingredients and flavours and still eco-friendly packaging!  Order them at