Charcoal Soap Bars

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Activated Charcoal has so many benefits that we decided to incorporate it into some of our soaps.  So let us introduce our Charcoal Range!

Activated Charcoal effectively cleanses the skin, unclogs pores, removes deeper impurities and dead skin cells.  Dirt, toxins and chemicals are attracted to the charcoal molecules and are washed away. A good deodoriser and brightens both white and coloured coats. 

Our fabulous bars still have one of our famous scents to them but also have Activated Charcoal in them too.  Each bar is of a generous size (approx 115gms) and can be used on your horses, dogs and yourself! 

Priced at only $8.50 each nzd

Bar Tea Tree & Charcoal.jpeg
Bar Peppermint & Charcoal.jpeg
Bar Lavender & Charcoal.jpeg

115gms each

As with any of our soaps, if you are worried about possible reactions we suggest you try it on a small area first